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What is Nourish Medical Center?

Nourish Medical Center is a naturopathic clinic where a team of independent doctors, life coaches, and other providers take a whole-body approach in order to deliver real, sustainable results. We reinvent the way that patients and doctors connect, as we provide a new model that marries the best of conventional and alternative medicine. The end result yields a practical path to better health, using your body’s cues as a guide.

Chronic disease is both the largest killer and the largest healthcare expense in our country today. Naturopathic medicine excels at not only preventing disease, but also taking a practical and proactive path to wellness. We believe that your body is more capable of healing than you may even be aware of. However, you may need the right guidance and solutions in order to activate your own health.

At Nourish Medical Center, your body and its internal wisdom are respected so that we can get to the root cause of disease, low energy, and imbalance. We know that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to wellness. We integrate a traditional approach to medicine with effective and inviting natural therapies to craft a personalized treatment plan that restores your body to its happiest, most interconnected state.

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Waitlist Questions

Please review our frequently asked appointment questions below.

Who do I speak with if I have questions?

It is best to call Nourish Medical Center directly at 619-345-3111 or visit

Do you offer virtual or in-person consults at this time?

Currently, I am offering virtual consults only. These can be done in the convenience of your own home over the phone or as a video consult using the DOXY link located HERE. Doxy video consults work best on Chrome or Firefox browsers.

How long are new and follow-up consults?

  • We offer expanded and detailed consults, based on time and complexity.
  • New patient consults are either expanded (90 min) visits or detailed (60 min) visits. Expanded new patient consults are recommended if you have prior lab work to review during your first appointment.
  • Follow-up consults are either expanded (30-45 min) visits or detailed (15-30 min) visits. Frequency of visits depends on your particular case but usually range between 1-4 months between visits.

I would like to get started sooner than your current wait list time frame, what are my options?

  • I highly recommend you get started with one of my colleagues at Nourish Medical Center. To learn more about my colleagues, click HERE
  • Another great option is to get started with the online Nourish Programs by clicking HERE. Nourish Programs is a great online tool to incorporate before or in-between your consults. You can learn about specific tests we offer at Nourish, food, supplement and drink tips so that you can be best prepared for your appointments.

Do you take insurance?

  • We do not accept insurance for consultations. However, we do accept insurance for select laboratory tests. We continuously research lab companies to get the best rates and options for our patients. This model ensures high-quality care with time dedicated just for you.
  • For labwork, we have options for every level of insurance coverage and for those who don’t have insurance. Insurance may cover some labs and not other labs. We try our best to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses and to help navigate which companies or tests would be best for your unique case and insurance coverage.
  • If you are having labs done at Nourish Medical Center, please be prepared for your lab appointment by bringing your insurance card and having an understanding of your insurance coverage pertaining to labs.
  • Here are some questions to ask your insurance provider: 1.) What type of plan do you have? (PPO, HMO, High Deductible HSA, Medicare, Medi-Cal) 2.) Are you in-network with Labcorp or Quest? 3.) What is your deductible, and have you reached your deductible this year?

Where can I buy my supplements?

What if I need a prescription refill?

Please have your pharmacy fax Nourish Medical Center a refill request and I will review within one week of receiving the refill request.

Where can I get my labs drawn?

  • Nourish Medical Center offers blood draws at our San Diego, CA location. The address is 10505 Sorrento Valley Road #225, San Diego, CA 92121. Please call 619-345-3111 or click HERE to learn more or to request an appointment.
  • If you do not live nearby, there are other options available, including visiting your local LabCorp or Quest.
  • Nourish offers shipping for most of our at-home functional test kits.

Where can I access my labs or treatment plans?

Your treatment plans and labs can be viewed during or after your follow up consult on your Charm patient portal located HERE.

Who do I speak with if I have questions?

It is best to call Nourish Medical Center directly at 619-345-3111. Our patient care coordinators will be able to assist you or will return your call in a timely manner. For quick questions in between follow-up visits, I offer limited brief appointments for 5-15 minutes for $65.  If your concern is urgent, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.  If your concern can wait until the next visit, please write down your questions and I will make sure this will be a priority during our next one-on-one consult.

What is your cancellation policy?

We charge a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment time. If we are not in the office to make a change to your appointment, please leave us a voicemail that we will receive on our next business day. Please call as soon as you can so that we can open the time slot for the next person on the waitlist.

What focus areas and types of conditions does Dr Jess help clients with?

  • Stealth Infections including Mold, Lyme & EBV
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Patients with Cancer
  • Nutrition
  • Candida and digestive issues
  • Pain and CBD

What is Dr. Jess' approach to patients with a cancer diagnosis?

Dr. Jess is trained in Gerson therapy, through The Gerson Institute, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. You’re a fighter and Dr. Jess is here to complement your treatment plan with natural tools to promote healing, ease discomfort, and boost energy. It’s important to have a guide to help you put together a plan to prevent cancer, support you during the process, and maintain remission.

Learn With Me @DR.JESS.MD

Environmental Toxins

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