Pubmed published article says Coronavirus possibly Caused by 5G, Now Retracted

Monday, July 27th, 2020
Coronavirus or Covid-19 caused by 5G? Pubmed published article says it is possibly so, but then retracted after the internet makes it go viral
Not sure, about you, but I was shocked to see this article in Pubmed, and NOT shocked to see it yanked a few days later when the internet made it viral. Was there any legitimacy, or is the whole article bunk?
ABSTRACT: “In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.”This article, published by and up on the NIH sponsored pubmed site for a hot minute before it was redacted, peaks my interest. First of all, you must understand that it is an editorial, meaning speculated and hypothesized, but there was no formal laboratory testing or double blinded, placebo controlled trials performed here. The authors use their backgrounds, knowledge base, and sited articles to stake their claim. They also use a bit of “peaking around corners” and extending educated hypotheses/intuitions based on the little information that we do know. For your interest, I have published the original article, again retracted, below. Please note that it reads in a much more esoteric fashion than most scientific minds are used to comprehending.

What is it actually saying anyways?

This article is attempting to claim that our own DNA has the potential in aiding an empty capsid, known as a virus, by forming the RNA nucleotides the “virus” needs to replicate and survive. The authors say that DNA does this as a defense mechanism due to abnormal frequencies in the 5G wavelengths that are small enough to penetrate its membrane and change the expression and motion of the DNA, as it is electrical in nature. This defense mechanism produces holes in the purine and pyrimidine nucleotides which are hexagonal and pentagonal shaped. In an attempt to repair these “holes,” the body makes RNA which is used by the virus as a host to help replicate and take hold of our immunity. Similar to that theory you may have heard about in which exosomes behave similarly to “viruses.”

The article sounds so far fetched, so for that reason I did a few hours of background research to educate myself on 5G and the upcoming differing wavelengths that will be presented with it, as well as some of the claims made in this editorial article about what these frequencies can and cannot do. And I’ll admit upfront…none of this can be denied. Yet none of it can be proven either.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

Interestingly enough, the 5G wavelengths have not yet launched. The providers are really still marketing it under the same 4G frequencies to prepare the public. Let me explain. The 5G frequencies are still running under the same FRC band as 4G, which is sub 6GHz. This is all under FRC1 frequency category. What will change everything is when FR2 is launched in 1-2 years which contains higher GHz/MHz categorized as mm-wave speed. (see graph below). At least, that is the info I could gather online. However, according to, even radar has been using mm-wave frequencies, just not as high as FR2 will utilize. Supposedly, even higher frequencies with 6G is being created as well. So with these facts alone, if we are to believe the info online, means that 5G would have little to do with the Covid19 fiasco since it is not yet fully launched and active. By no means I am downplaying the possible, even probable, health effects from these abnormal frequencies. In fact, this is part of the push for this technology that is not fully studied; there is too much electrostatic smog, or pollution in the 4G frequencies. What does this mean for human health? Should we be launching technologies before they are properly studied?

Is EMR like 5G dangerous to human health?

Studies show mixed reviews but in general, there are a number of concerning studies and opinions. It is concerning that this technology is being pushed through without rigorous testing, proving it safe beforehand.

“Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation does not break chemical bonds but does affect biological systems. Some biological effects of RF EMR appear to be mediated by an increase in free radicals, mediated by calcium channel membrane alterations. RF EMR in wireless devices has been shown to increase reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells. Excess ROS generates oxidative stress, a damaging process that can, in excess, alter cell structures such as proteins, lipids, lipoproteins, and DNA. Oxidative stress is associated with the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and aging. Reactive oxygen species are also produced by exposure to pollutants, tobacco smoke, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and some drugs. Many studies show that antioxidants inhibit damage from wireless radiation as well as chemicals.”-Physicians for Safe Technology

Studies have shown a connection to:

  • Damage to the eyes- cataracts, retina
  • Metabolic and mitochondrial disruption
  • Skin damage
  • Headaches
  • Behavioral changes
  • Difficulty sleeping/insomnia (also caused by blue light exposure alone)
  • Increased blood-brain barrier permeability and impaired glucose metabolism
  • infertility
  • cancer (2B carcinogen)
  • negative microbiome changes
  • immunity suppression

The article also makes sweeping claims of ill health effects on human bodies, of which you can read more here, from my own research:   .    (More references at end of article).

Is it true that our DNA is electromagnetic as the article claimed?

We do know that DNA is electrical in nature and has a charge. The article makes claims that the new Gigahertz (GHz) frequencies will be small enough in dimension to pass through some human cells and nucleus,’ not only changing DNA expression, but also changing the motion of the electromagnetic frequency of our DNA. Ok wait a second….is our DNA really electromagnetic? In science, we use gel electrophroesis and a charge to get DNA to migrate. For example, a negative terminal is at the opposite end, so DNA migrates toward the positively charged anode and is separated based on that charge.

Well one of this article’s references, a  study done in 1981, proved that DNA emits photons and in its natural motion, produces electromagnetic waves. In fact, a few others have shown similar findings:   In fact, this field is known as quantum biology and according to physics, any electrical particles (electrons and protons) put into motion, emit an electromagnetic frequency.

I know, why this stuff is not front page news never ceases to amaze me. Again, it may sound far fetched, but we need to have an open and objective mind when reviewing the literature. But does that mean our electromagnetic DNA can absorb certain frequencies?

Can DNA absorb 5G frequencies?

Red blood cells, also known as erythrocytes or red blood cells, are some of the smallest and most abundant of human cells.  These cells have a characteristic biconcave disk shape with a depression where the nucleus was lost in maturation and have a corresponding diameter of 7-8 µm (BNID 100509) and a volume of ≈100 µm3.

The largest cell in the human body is the female egg cell or ovum with a diameter of 400 micrometers and a volume of 4,000,000 µm3. That’s one micrometer cubed. Just so you understand the scale, one millimeter=1000 micrometers.

Therefore, an egg cell is 0.4 millimeters. Thats 0.1 millimeter for a red blood cell. Are 5G waves really that small that they can pass into the cell and perhaps that cell’s nucleus, affecting our DNA like this article claimed? See for yourself below:

Here are the sizes of 5G waves. As you can see, the 5G waves are much larger than any human cell, even the largest which is an egg cell. The difficulty here arises in understanding whether to measure a cell via its volume versus its diameter. Can 5G waves be absorbed via volume or by length/diameter only? Upon reviewing the literature, being a good “antennae” or being able to absorb energy, requires length, NOT volume. SO, if I am understanding this correctly, it appears that the waves are too big to effect our cells. Why then do some studies connect it to female infertility? Is there some sort of bioresonance or tuning that occurs even if the waves are larger in size than our cells? All of this is speculation without further research.


Keep in mind that the new mm wave technology will go up to around 52-53 GHz but not much higher. In fact most of them will average around 30-40GHz. According to, at 60Ghz, oxygen molecules will interact and with EMF and absorb the energy so its hopefully safe to say that they will not increase the GHz much higher than the 50 range. However, is there no concern that ill effects could potentially happen below that level in the 50GHz range? Are we at all concerned that mm waves might exceed a 60GHz frequency? How much has this actually been studied? What we do know is that at higher frequencies, this non ionizing form of radiation would at first heat our skin up and this should occur around the 70GHz frequency.

According to, the major drawback to millimeter waves is that they can’t easily travel through buildings or obstacles and they can be absorbed by foliage and rain. How will this affect our the health of our trees, plants and local environment if it is easily absorbed by our water and plants? How does this affect our water if 5G towers are placed near water towers? Does this impact our overall health if the water and foliage is affected? Have these questions even been contemplated?

The article goes on to claim that once the 5g mm waves have entered a cell, the abnormal frequency causes motion within the DNA, causing it to poke holes in the liquid in the nucleus. “The wavelength of emitted waves from a DNA is equal or less than its size within a cell. Also, shapes of radiated waves by a DNA have direct relations with the shapes of their genetic source. A DNA is formed from hexagonal and pentagonal manifolds; thus, its emitted waves have hexagonal and pentagonal shapes. These waves produce hexagonal and pentagonal holes within the liquids of a nucleus and a cell. To fill these holes, hexagonal and pentagonal molecules are built. These extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases may join to each other and form structures like RNAs of COVID-19 viruses.” There are no quoted references nor studies done on this statement made in the article. This again seems to be speculation. It is possible that the infection could be activated by our own bodies and an abnormal frequency, creating an exosome like virus, however, this article is not proof of this. No I am condoning 5G, but instead reviewing this editorial objectively. Without actual double blinded, placebo controlled studies, this will remain an opinion piece.

My final thoughts….

Overall I appreciate the speculation and extension of thought in this editorial article. However, it left me with more questions than answers. I do believe our DNA is electromagnetic and has the potential to be affected by non ionizing energy. But the science does not fully support this. I am no expert on much of what is discussed in this article, but based on my research, much more objective studies performed in the lab are needed. Hard science may never support such esoteric ideas, but perhaps that is the art of medicine that has been missing. Until then listen to your body. For more about how to shield yourself from EMF/EMR, visit my blog at

Now for the original article that started all the controversy and was eventually retracted….


“Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is the main problem this year involving the entire world (1). This is an infectious disease caused by a newly- discovered coronavirus. This virus is a member of related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections that can be mild, such as some cases of the common cold (among other possible causes, predominantly rhinoviruses), and others that can be lethal, such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. Among them, COVID-19 is an enveloped virus with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome and a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. The genome size of coronaviruses ranges from approximately 27 to 34 kilobases, the largest among known RNA viruses

(2, 3). To date, many scientists have tried to find a method to cure this disease (4, 5); however, without success. COVID-19 may have effects on different types of cells. For example, it has been argued that this virus may have some effects on dermatologic cells (6). On the other hand, it has been known that some waves in 5G technology have direct effects on the skin cells (7). Thus, there are some similarities between effects of COVID-19 and waves in 5G technology.

A new question arises regarding a relationship between 5G technology and COVID-19. The 5G technology is the fifth-generation mobile technology in which its frequency spectrum could be divided into millimeter waves, mid-band, and low-band. Low band uses a similar frequency range as the predecessor, 4G. 5G millimeter wave is the fastest, with actual speeds often being 1–2 Gbit/s down. Its frequencies are above 24 GHz, reaching up to 72 GHz, which is above the extremely high frequency band’s lower boundary. Millimeter waves have shorter range than microwaves, therefore the reactive cells are those with smaller size (8-10). Consequently, biological cells also could act like a receiver for these waves. Many researchers have considered the effects of 5G technology on human health. For example, it has been shown that 5G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and eyes, but will have adverse systemic effects as well (11). In another study, it was argued that 5G technologies cause great harm to human health. Cancer is only one of the many problems. 5G causes 720 (factorial) different diseases in human beings, and can kill everything that lives except some forms of microorganisms (12). To consider the effects of 5G millimeter waves on biological systems, we propose a model which describes the process of exchanging waves between 5G towers and host cells.

To date, some researchers have tried to propose a model for using waves in extracting information within cells (13, 14). These waves could be transverse electromagnetic fields or longitudinal ultrasound waves. A DNA is built from charged particles and according to laws of physics, by any motion of these particles, some electromagnetic waves emerge (15). Also, the structure of a DNA is similar to the structure of an inductor (16) in a receiver and can produce some waves. Thus, a DNA could emit some waves and interact with external waves. However, most waves have a length more than the size of cells and pass them without any effect. Only limited waves with lengths smaller than millimeter could penetrate into cell membrane and interact with DNA inductors. These wavelengths could be observed in 5 G technology. Thus, towers in this technology could exchange waves with DNAs within cells and produce various types of diseases such as COVID-19. In this study, we propose a mechanism for exchanged waves between towers and host cells to obtain effective wavelengths. In our method, skin cells act as dermatologic antenna, take waves in 5G technology and transfer them to host cells. Then, DNAs within host cells interact with these waves and move. By motions of a DNA, some hexagonal and pentagonal holes emerge. To fill these holes, some bases are constructed within cells. These holes join to each other and form RNAs of COVID-19.


A mechanism for exchanging waves between towers and dermatologic cells in 5G technology

Skin cells are in close connections with nerve fibers. These fibers in the nervous system play the role of wires which carry some electrical currents; these currents produce some electromagnetic waves. These waves and currents are taken by melanocytes, keratinocytes and other dermatologic cells and transmitted to the medium. On the other hand, skin cells could take waves of towers and transfer to other cells and neurons. Thus, dermatologic cells could act as an antenna (Fig. 1).

An antenna could take waves in which their wavelengths are equal to its size. Thus, millimeter waves in 5G technology could be taken more by dermatologic antennas. These waves could pass the cell membranes, enter the nucleus and interact with DNAs. Previously, it has been shown that a DNA could act as the inductor and receiver or sender of waves (16). Thus, a DNA within a dermatologic cell like a keratinocyte receives external waves and sends them to DNAs of other cells like melanocytes. Waves in 5G technology and higher technologies could contribute in gene expressions, turn on some genes and turn off others (Fig. 2).

The question is whether millimeter waves in 5G technology could contribute in constructing some viruses like COVID-19 within a cell. To reply to this question, we should consider the electronic structure of a DNA and its emitted waves. A DNA is built from atoms and electrons. These particles have some electrical charges and emit electrical fields. Also, by each motion of a DNA, its atoms and electrons move. According to the laws of physics, by motion of charged particles, some magnetic waves emerge. Consequently, a DNA emits both electrical and magnetic fields and plays the role of electrical devices within a cell. The structure of a DNA within a cell is similar to the structure of an inductor. When a DNA coils around a nucleosome, it takes the shape of a toroid waves could not pass the skin cells inductor. Also, by coiling around another axes, a DNA becomes very similar to round inductors (Fig. 3).

A DNA coils several times around different axes within chromosomes and produces different types of inductors and electronic devices. Thus, any state of a DNA is similar to a type of an inductor and emits a special wave. Some of these waves are linear, some are curved and others have toroidal shapes (Fig. 4).

A DNA, as an electronic device within a cell, could exchange waves with medium, especially when an electromagnetic wave passes the cell membrane and the nuclear membrane, it induces an extra magnetic field within the DNA inductor and interacts with its fields. This interaction causes extra motions of this DNA, and through the motion of this DNA, its charges move and emit electromagnetic waves. The wavelength of emitted waves from a DNA is equal or less than its size within a cell. Also, shapes of radiated waves by a DNA have direct relations with the shapes of their genetic source. A DNA is formed from hexagonal and pentagonal manifolds; thus, its emitted waves have hexagonal and pentagonal shapes. These waves produce hexagonal and pentagonal holes within the liquids of a nucleus and a cell. To fill these holes, hexagonal and pentagonal molecules are built. These extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases may join to each other and form structures like RNAs of COVID-19 viruses. To produce these viruses, it is necessary that the wavelengths of external electromagnetic fields be equal or less than the size of a cell. For this reason, 5G technology waves could have the main role in the emergence of COVID-19, however radio waves could not have any effect on the evolutions within a cell (Fig. 5).


Effective wavelengths within a cell in 5G technology

We propose a model to obtain a probability for the amount of effects of external fields on the evolutions of cells within a cell. This probability is related to the number of microstates of a DNA within a cell

In Fig. 6, we show the probability for producing hexagonal and pentagonal DNA holes within a cell. This figure indicates that by decreasing the wavelength (< 10-3m), waves pass the cell membrane and interact with DNAs. This interaction causes the motions of DNAs. By motions of DNAs, their charges move and emit strong waves. These waves produce hexagonal and pentagonal holes within a cell. To fill these holes, extra bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form viruses such as COVID-19.


Our results show that, by decreasing the wavelength, waves emitted from towers in 5G and higher technologies could have more effect on evolutions of DNAs within cells. This is because dermatologic cell membranes act as an antenna for these waves. They are built from charged particles, such as electrons and atoms, and could emit or receive waves. On the other hand, an antenna could only take waves in which their lengths are not greater than its size. Thus, a cell membrane could take millimeter waves in 5G technology. These waves could pass the membrane and interact with biological matters within a cell. If wavelengths of 5G waves be equal or smaller than the size of biological cells and could pass the cell membrane and enter the nucleus. These waves could be taken by dermatologic antenna, transfer to host cells, interact with DNAs and move them. A DNA is formed from charged particles and, by its motions, electromagnetic waves emerge. These waves produce hexagonal and pentagonal holes in liquids within nucleus and the cell. To fill these holes, bases are produced. These bases join to each other and can construct viruses like Coronaviruses.”



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