Why does Kill • Bind • Sweat work?

  • Many stealth infections hide in a biofilm that prevents the body from seeing the problem so antibiotics or regular herbs may not be successful. Eating well is not enough at this point for most.
  • Heavy metals and environmental toxicities can be released by sweating. These act as a wall of inflammation, hiding any pathogens.
  • KBS works by using herbs/biofilm busters like glutathione. Unfortunately, then the immune system senses and “sees” the once hidden infection or toxicity which makes people feel terrible.
  • Many cannot dispel those toxins and they recirculate and resettle throughout the body.
  • If the toxin cannot leave the body, it promotes further chronic illness and dissuades the person from continuing the process of detoxification.

What is Kill • Bind • Sweat?

  • Kill: the process of eradicating pathogens, namely Lyme and other tick-associated illnesses, candida, mold, or viruses with herbal antimicrobials.
  • Bind: the process of “mopping up” the byproducts and toxins that these pathogens produce in the killing process. Some of these by-products can cause Herxheimer or healing detox reactions and make the patient feel terrible. Some of the toxins may include heavy metals or other environmental toxicities.
  • Sweat: the process of working detoxification pathways like the skin, to force the body to rid itself of the bound-up by-product and toxins.

Who Cannot do Kill • Bind • Sweat?

  • Those with saline and silicone breast implants
  • Those with postural orthostatic hypotension syndrome (pots)
  • Those who faint easily or are easily affected by the heat or heat shock
  • Those who have heart arrhythmias or coronary artery disease
  • A severely dysfunctional adrenal axis
  • Any contraindication to sweating

Important tips for the “Kill” process:

One of the most important aspects of this process is:

    • Ensuring your detoxification pathways are open, if you need help with that- check out my blog about it HERE
    • Start the killing process too early will cause healing detox reactions
    • This can discourage a patient and force them to quit the protocol early
    • So start slow with one cap or pump and work your way up
    • Another important aspect is choosing the correct antimicrobial to “kill” with. Some are better than others for certain diagnoses.
    • Biocidin LSF is my go-to as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial especially if  people have issues with breaking down capsules
    • Also, love CellCore products-I would choose ONE of their Para products here

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Important tips for the “Bind” process:

Approximately 45 min to one hour after taking antimicrobials + biofilm busters then its time to take a binder. Take away from all other food and supplements – the only exception to this is if you get CellCores’ binders which do not require timing away from other food and supplements; they do make my favorite binders.

  • Some people may be feeling terrible at this point and binders help relieve that
  • You’ll notice some of you need fewer binders to still be efficacious and others need a bit more to have the healing detox reactions calm down
  • Others feel worse after the binder, usually because they are not eliminating the bound-up conglomerate well
  • The biggest risk is constipation, nausea or bloating
  • All-natural binders do not have the risk of fat-soluble or micronutrient deficiencies in my experience

Some of my favorite ways to eliminate bound up toxins:

  • Sweating (IR sauna, hot yoga, cardio)
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Dry brushing
  • Cryotherapy
  • Coffee or chamomile tea enemas
  • Lymph massages or fascia blasting
  • Castor oil packs
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Gua sha
  • Rebounding

Why do I usually choose to sweat?

  • Pathogens and chronic infestations can start to block out detox pathways
  • If you can’t eliminate they can use you as a host forever (refer back to detox pathways lecture)
  • Sweat activates heat shock proteins in the body, which rev immunity and activate autophagy, or reabsorption/destruction of defective or dead cells
  • There are also cold shock proteins and other avenues that can ”turn on” HSP
  • Production of high levels of heat shock proteins can also be triggered by exposure to different kinds of environmental stress conditions, such as infection, inflammation, exercise, exposure of the cell to toxins (ethanol, arsenic and toxic metals and UV light, among many others), starvation, fasting, hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), or water deprivation. As a consequence, the heat shock proteins are also referred to as stress proteins and their upregulation is sometimes described more generally as part of the stress response

My favorite low EMF Infrared sauna is hands down the Therasage Sauna! Use code DRJESS for a discount!

How do you rehydrate after sweating?

  • Especially important if you suffer from POTS (postural orthostatic hypotension) or electrolyte abnormalities
  • Stay away from Gatorade or Powerade
  • My favorite electrolyte and mineral replacement is Hydrate made by Goodonya
  • Ingredients: organic lemon juice, Aquamin (magnesium, sea minerals), organic coconut water, organic stevia leaf extract, Himalayan sea salt, vitamin C. Only 30 calories and 1 gram of sugar.
  • Use code DRJESSMD when you shop Hydrate on Goodonya’s website

Are there pathogens that Kill • Bind • Sweat will not work against?

  • Intracellular parasites like babesiosis, multiple viral infections at once, and clostridium
  • Clostridium and Bacillus are gram-positive bacteria that is linked to schizophrenia and autism
  • They form high heat resistant endospores that can survive temperatures of over 160 degrees
  • Superdormancy can lower metabolism and go dormant as spores. High heat may inhibit them temporarily, but this is often reversible.
  • For these pathogens, I recommend opening detox pathways and using ozone or hyperbaric oxygen chambers as these bugs cannot survive high oxygen conditions

How long should I do Kill • Bind • Sweat?

  • It depends on the stealth infection and heavy metal load -everyone is different!
  • This is when testing can be extremely useful
  • Usually start with 2-4 months unless full testing can be completed so we know what we are dealing with

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