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Ask Dr. Jess

Dr Jess wanted to hear from her audience, so she took the most requested questions that she gets and answered each one here! Please keep in mind that this is not personalized medical info and all pertinent questions should be taken to your trusted healthcare provider.

How to get rid of PCOS acne and related hair loss?

Look into inositol, an anti-inflammatory diet, and reducing stress. Check out my blog post about how to make a PCOS liver healing smoothie here: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Liver Healing Smoothie

What is your favorite protocol to dissolve gallstones?

I really love bitters or digestive enzymes, castor oil, amino acids like taurine and methionine asa well as ox bile. Lowering estrogen helps too but always ask your trusted healthcare provider.

What are some root causes of teeth clenching and grinding at night?

Parasites! Check my most recent blog on parasites here: How To Treat a Parasite Invasion-Yes, We All Have Them!

Parasites are nocturnal so cause stress on the body at night. Stress, emotional turmoil, adrenal dysfunction, and misalignment of the jaw can also play a role.

What are your thoughts on skin cancer and sun exposure?

I believe the sun is not normally as dangerous but given the wearing away of the ozone layer, it has become slightly more toxic. I do believe we all need 20-30 min/day to activate vitamin D in the skin. I also believe in non toxic sunscreen if spending extended time outdoors.

Whats the first step someone should take when diagnosed with a thyroid condition like Grave’s or Hashimoto’s?

Remove all gluten and processed foods. Order a full thyroid panel if your doc has not done one. This includes TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3, anti TG and TPO antibodies. It would also be wise to look into digestive health as many autoimmune conditions are linked to poor gut health or leaky gut. I love the GI map test, which uses DNA for accuracy in its stool test. I would definitely not rule parasites out even if the GI map misses them!

Can a person heal from a vaccine injury?

Yes, people can be injured by vaccines just like any medication can cause harm. Many children’s immune systems suffer or they experience developmental delays due to the heavy metals or adjuvants contained in vaccine ingredients. For this reason, I recommend seeing a skilled practitioner who specializes in this. Look into saunas, binders (my favorite are from Microbe Formulas) and if all else fails, chelation.

Favorite meal replacement powder?

I really love Ground Based Nutrition! Use code DrJess when ordering.

What if I have a condition where I sweat too much?

I have a number of clients who sweat inappropriately during emotional responses but then cannot sweat intentionally while exercising or in a sauna. Hyperhidrosis is another autoimmune condition where the person sweats profusely on their hands and feet. If someone is experiencing this, I know their sweat pathway is wide open. I will usually focus efforts elsewhere on opening up other drainage pathways such as the liver or lymph, or whatever is blocked when I gather their history. Often time, enemas or lymph massages prove to be more beneficial for this type of client or patient.

How do I know if I have heavy metals in me and how do I get rid of them?

Heavy metals are ubiquitous in our environment so nearly everyone is exposed. Some examples include mercury amalgams or arsenic in brown rice. I really love heavy metal hair tests (examples include Great Plains lab or Doctors Data) that require about 2 ounces of hair. Alternatively, you can also do a urine test but must provocate the metals out of deep tissues first with prescription medication. I do not like to pull heavy metals out into the bloodstream and urine to test, for obvious reasons. IF you have toxic levels of heavy metals, look into Andy Cutler’s program or HM ET Binder by Cellcore Biosciences.

How to Improve your oral microbiome?

Great question since our mouths is the opening to our guts! The pathogens there are connected to fertility and even autoimmunity. Floss daily and use a fluoride-free nontoxic toothpaste such as Dentalcidin by Biobotanical Research. See only holistic or biological dentists and you can find one near you by looking here: Avoid sugar and if there is any halitosis, make the dentist urgent as your body is warning you that there is a problem. If you continually have cavities or bleeding gums, request a DNA swish and spit test to see what your level of inflammation and pathogen load in the mouth is. If high, look for a biological dentist that uses ozone gas in the mouth, which is some of the most anti-pathogenic stuff out there! I would also recommend having all root canals checked as they have a lifetime of 8-10 years.

The best ways to starting sweating when I can’t?

Check out my kill bind sweat page with instructions here!

What is the lymphatic system and how do I know if mine is draining ok?

Lymph holds unprocessed emotions that we have not breathed through as the lymph has only the diaphragm that moves it and it only moves with the breath. Cellulite, dimpled and lackluster skin, as well as rashes/itching, often indicate problems with a sluggish lymph system. Rebounding, dry brushing, fascia blasting (my favorite), and lymph massages are all wonderful ways to help this system get a bit livelier.

Is there a link between parasites and colitis?

Colitis literally translates to inflammation in the colon so it can be caused by a number of different causes, toxicities, and pathogens. Candida, Chagas, entamoeba histolytica, and many other pathogens have been linked to inflammation in the colon or intestines.

Is there an alternative for Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism?

YES! Nature thyroid, Armour thyroid, WP, or NP thyroid are all porcine replacements with little to no fillers.

Why did I develop a food intolerance out of the blue (example: can no longer tolerate seafood)?

This is likely due to the exposure you had or something changing in your body. Both pathogens and heavy metals can cause genetic mutations in our DNA leading to intolerances or differences in our drainage pathways. I would wager to say you’ve had to find a practitioner who is willing to listen and spend time to find the root cause.

What are your thoughts on root canals?

In my opinion, they have an 8-10 year lifetime. They often fail and re-do root canals are a problem and become reinfected frequently. If the tooth is in the back, pull it! If not, consider an implant, which carries less risk than a root canal.

Whats a natural way to treat heartburn?

First, find a doctor who can guide you so that you are safe, however, lots of things can help. Namely changing your diet to remove gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy. Herbs can help include mastic gum, bismuth, garlic, licorice, broccoli sprouts, and oregano. Dietary changes are extremely important, as is tempering stress.

Where does alopecia come from?

Alopecia is hair loss due to unknown reasons. The most common cause is stress followed by hormonal reasons. However, I always want to know what causes hormones to swing out of balance.

Recommendations to help with menstrual cramps prior to starting your cycle?

YES! PMS is common but not normal. It depends on your hormone levels and each is bioindividualized. Therefore, I recommend a hormone test like the DUTCH test ( to accurately evaluate hormones rather than guessing. In general, a lot of PMS symptoms come from high estrogen or low progesterone, which is viewed the same way by the body. Herbs are extremely effective at helping hormones. I love broccoli sprouts, chaste berry tree, cypress rotundus, maca, and dong quai. But always find a doc you can trust.

What do I do if I have reactivated Epstein Barr virus and can’t seem to get rid of it?

EBV rarely works alone. It is often the “frenemy” of another pathogen. Look for other pathogenic loads like mold, tick-associated illnesses or parasites to be “allowing” EBV to reactivate! Stress, poor dietary choices, and other environmental toxicities may also be at play.

What are your favorite books?

Its a mix of health and wellness as well as nonfiction and philosophy. I really like Eckhart Tolle (The New Earth and The Power of Now), Joe Disperenza (Becoming Supernatural), How to Change Your Mind by Paul Stamets.

How do I make sure my liver is open before starting a detox?

I would ask you certain questions such as “can you handle caffeine/coffee or alcohol? Can you fast or skip meals without getting shaky, lightheaded, or irritated? IF not, focus, on liver supporting herbs, enemas, castor oil packs on the liver as well as decreasing stress.

How do you naturally treat HSV-1 (herpes simplex 1)?

This one is hard. Everyone is different. Stress, sunlight, and hormones play a definite role. Many feel viruses run in unison with stealth parasites which form a synergetic relationship in the host. Acylclovir is a great antiviral that does not disrupt the bacterial microbiome.

What cause breast pain before your cycle?

This is usually due to increasing estrogen prior to starting your cycle. It is important to balance the progesterone to estrogen ratio.

What supplements do I take to balance my hormones?

This is too broad to know as there are lots of hormones. Don’t guess-test! I like the DUTCH test, done on days 19-21 of your cycle. Remember that whether you have any hormonal imbalance, whether its an estrogen dominance or low testosterone, hormones are NEVER the root cause problem. They are sequelae of something causing the hormones to be askew-pathogens or metals normally.

What are your recommended go to tests for mold in the body and in the home?

I really love Vibrant’s mold panel as well as Great Plain lab’s mycotoxin test for testing your body. In the home, I prefer Real Time Lab’s EMMA test or Immunolytics.

What do you recommend for SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth?

I really love Microbe Formula products. SIBO is often not the full story. Candida and parasites often contribute and are missed during the detox period. I also recommend BIociodin and the low FODMAPS diet. But as usual, talk to your practitioner.

What is perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis, especially in children, is showing you a likely food intolerance or some sort of oral allergy.

Favorite parasite cleanse?

Microbe formulas parasite cleanse, but prep yourself first by starting with phase 1.

Do internal parasites cause external itching on the body?

Absolutely! They are linked to muscle twitching, pain, bladder issues, teeth grinding, and anal itching, especially at night.

How long should you parasite cleanse for?

Again, everyone is different, but I recommend cleansing for at least 1-2 months. Most parasites have complex life cycles that can migrate into different stages in different parts of the body. TO ensure you kill all forms of the parasite (worm, larvae, and eggs), you need to detox for at least one complete month if not longer.

What products do you recommend for oral health?

I love Biobotanical Research’s Dentalcicidn as well as Dale Audrey’s Ayurvedic oil pulling rinse and her all-natural whitening pen.

What causes hair loss?

This is a broad topic but usually, stress can lead to alopecia. Hormones. Anemia or hidden pathogens such as candida, parasites, or mold can all inhabit the sinus cavities, leading to increased inflammation which causes hair loss.

Are there any natural treatments for HPV?

YES! There is a clinical trial underway using 5grams of AHCC mushroom daily! This is a component of the Reishi mushroom and has been fairly successful, along with ozone vaginal insufflations, ceasing smoking, and changing poor dietary habits.

Is it possible to detox a flu shot?

I believe the body is remarkable and can detox, renew, and regenerate. Usually, the issues with vaccines are adjuvants such as antibiotics, fillers, possible heavy metals, foreign animal stem cells, and detergents. These unnatural ingredients elect an enormous inflammatory response in order to trigger the body to make antibodies against the pathogen. So focus should be on eliminating these fillers and metals from the body. Chelation, binders, and opening drainage pathways should be where attention is placed.

Can you heal from mold if you're still in the moldy environment, even if you cannot see the mold?

For many, NO. Visibility is a mute point as much of the mold is hidden behind walls, floors, and crawlspaces. Approximately 25% of the population has a genetic predisposition that does not allow their body to release mold spores well. If you are in that category, it will be VERY difficult to heal. Avoidance is the first step here.

How do I find a lyme literate MD?

I would recommend finding one by searching online or by asking the ILADS association.

Why do I have so many food allergies?

“Allergies” or food intolerances are due to leaky or an inflamed gut. The more inflamed your gut becomes, the more you will make antibodies to food and recognize it as a foreign intruder due to inflammation and confusion alone. The first step is healing the inflammation or leaky gut. All food intolerances can be reversed.

Favorite home filter that is still affordable?

The Air Doctor! It meets my criteria of using ultra or hyper HEPA along with a charcoal + carbon filter. Use code Drjess to save $300!

Where do I start if I dont know whats wrong and I need testing?

Skip the run of the mill bloodwork and try to go for specialty tests. Find a functional doctor who will search out root cause answers rather than just give a bandaid as a solution. My favorite tests include the DUTCH test for hormones, the GIMap for gut dysbiosis, Great Plains lab for organic acids or mold, Vibrant, igenex, or DNA connexions for lyme and coinfections, and Great Plains lab for heavy metal hair testing. I love the RGCC Greek test for cancer.

What are your fave products for kill bind sweat?

I love Microbe formulas and Cellcore biosciences the best. My patients have had the most results from their products that get to the root cause. Their Biotoxin Binder can be taken with other food and supplements. Their mimosa pudica and formula one are a miracle. They have surpassed all other supplements for me.

Where do I start if Im overweight and do not have energy?

Start with phase one from Microbe formulas so that you can regain function and be prepped.

What is the cause of low cholesterol and hormones?

This is a liver problem. It sounds as if the liver is stagnant and not processing properly. I would ask your doc for a liver cleanse as well as adding in castor oil packs.

How can you naturally treat an estrogen dependent cancer?

For ER + breast cancer, I recommend the RGCC Greek test to test for what natural and chemotherapeutic agents work for your genes and against cancer. DIM is known to shuffle estrogen down the correct pathway in the liver and is nature’s Tamoxifen. Please speak with your doc and do not take this as medical advice as I do not know your individual situation.

Why do I get recurring sore throats?

Emotionally, are you speaking up for yourself and speaking your truth? On a physical level, sometimes its strep but often its overlooked mono or EBV. EBV never runs alone and is reactivated by other pathogens + stress.

Should everyone do a parasite cleanse?

Yes! We de-worm our pets but we are no less susceptible. I would recommend twice per year unless you’re traveling and then you can up the frequency.

What helps best with Bartonella symptoms?

Bartonella is cat scratch fever. It is a bacterial coinfection that often runs with Lyme. Under proper guidance, it can be eliminated within 2 weeks to a month in most. All drainage pathways must be open (see my educational course for more info) but I really love IS-Bart by Cellcore biosciences, sweet wormwood, mimosa pudica and binders to help pull them out from deep organs.

Are there functional medicine tests for pets?

Yes! Pet medulla by Creating Balanced health. They use bioresonance to find answers for you or your fur baby! Use code DrJess for a discount on both.

Conventional eggs upset my stomach but pasture raised eggs do not. Why?

Conventional chickens are fed GMO grains-an unnatural diet for them. They were previously given hormones to help them grow bigger as well. Conventional eggs therefore have less omega 3 fatty acids and are not as nutritious.

What do you do with suspected mold in the house?

If it’s suspected, I make sure we find it and confirm its there as remodeling or moving is such an upheaval in a patient’s life. If mold is confirmed. I often encourage them to move as the remodeling is hit or miss depending on how educated the construction company is. I have had a successful remodel, but it is rarer and depends on how sensitive the patient is. So everyone is different. All porous materials including clothes, furniture, and mattresses must be disposed of. All floors, carpets, and anything must be ripped up and replaced in the home. For this reason, it is encouraged to move.

Product recommendations for EMF protection + helpful tips?

I use Rayonex devices with nearly 40 years of science out of Germany. Check out and use code DrJess. These products are harmonizers that harmonize harmful or untested frequencies. They even make a Duplex for the entire house that I personally own. Make sure you turn off wifi at night and hardwire your computer with ethernet to avoid exposure.

How come some people cannot lose weight no matter how much they exercise or change their diet?

This is usually due to hormones like estrogen or cortisol, which increase inflammation and stubborn belly fat. Moreover, stealth infections like mold interfere with satiety and inflammation. Often, people do not lose weight until toxicities are addressed. Volatile organic compounds and flame retardants are linked to obesity!

What's your favorite chemical free hair color?

I really love All Nutrient out of San Diego!

How do you help treat migraines?

The sinus cavities and eyes are connected to the liver in Chinese medicine. Headaches often point to a sluggish liver for me. Parasites and food intolerances are also known to do this.

Whats the best mold protocol?

If you were diagnosed with EBV and IBS what is the first test you would do?

Either the OAT test by Great Plains lab or the GI map by diagnostech solutions.

What are some remedies for a sinus infection, specifically staph?

Colloidal silver nasal sprays, Cellcore biosciences nasal spray with doxycycline and bimolecular oxygen. Treating stealth pathogens that are responsible for inhabiting and hiding in the sinus cavities.

Can a detox with binders get rid of mold toxicity?

Yes! But you need to open up drainage pathways so you can dump the bound up toxins out of your body.

What causes scleroderma?

This is an autoimmune condition more than likely caused by pathogens or heavy metals combined with trauma.

Whats the gold standard testing for Postural othostatic hypotension and is there any treatment?

The gold standard test is the tilt table test. If you pass out, then it’s considered positive. Treatment consists of slowly getting the body acclimated to heat over time as well as pulling pathogens and toxicities out by opening drainage pathways and adding binders when appropriate.

What causes yellow toenails?


What are your top five vitamins to take daily?

Vitamin D/K2, Biotoxin Binder, bioactive carbon minerals, zinc, probiotics.

Favorite ways to open up a sluggish lymphatic system?

Dry brushing, lymphatic massage, fascia blasting, myofascial release.

Is it best to detox mold or heavy metals first?

On my protocol, it is impossible not to get both together, and likely more than that.

What would you recommend to someone who is sensitive to gluten but is not celiac?

This is common. Gluten has been hybridized and sprayed with herbicides and is no longer what nature intended. Gluten in the USA is now an additive and filler that sets many people off. If your internal toxin bucket is full, then adding another filler like gluten will not sit well with you. As gluten causes inflammation in everyone, I advise everyone in the USA to avoid it.

Is there a good parasite test?

No all of them miss parasites, including the GI map. I test using specific questions and with muscle testing.

What causes tinnitus?

Tinnitus or ear ringing can be due to hearing loss or even pathogens like mold and parasites. Often, infected root canals, unfilled cavities, or other hidden infections in the mouth can contribute to the pathogen load, leading to increased tinnitus.

How do you make sure the building materials you use to build your home are nontoxic?

Check out Medley homes or for more info.

What causes tonsilar stones?

Its thought that strep and EBV, likely other pathogens too, can cause tonsilar stones. Eradicating stealth pathogens that lie dormant can help with this problem.

What is your favorite supplement for PCOS?

Inositol for sure!

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