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Your body has a natural detoxification system. Today’s high levels of environmental toxicity overwhelm your body’s natural detox capabilities. Supporting your detoxification pathways helps you achieve optimal health.

  • Kill
  • Bind
  • Sweat

Dr. Jess has a philosophy for long-term well being and good health. Her approach focuses on recovering your natural health through a comprehensive detoxification program known as Gerson Therapy. This includes lifestyle and diet modification as well as balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

Take a look at the benefits:

Increase Energy Levels

Excess toxins lead to sluggishness. Eliminate them for higher energy levels.

Reduce Inflammation

Whole foods and higher levels of nutrients to help reduce inflammation.

Bolster Immune System

Detox aids your digestive and lymphatic systems, which strengthen a balanced immune system

Improve Mood

Eliminate toxins and free radicals from your body to improve your mental and emotional state.

Support Digestion

Remove toxins that interfere with proper metabolic function while developing healthier habits.

Promote Healthy Skin

Diet and environmental toxins impact your skin. Remove them to improve the appearance of your skin.

If you believe you could benefit from detoxification, please refer to the courses on detoxification pathways.


Health Through Nutrition: Help Your Body Heal Itself

Organic, natural foods restore your body’s ability to heal itself from chronic conditions and disease.
We approach healing holistcally by supporting body, mind and spirit.

Physical Health

Activity encourages your body to release unwanted pathogens or environmental toxins and improve circulation

Spiritual Well-Being

Keep your soul nourished just as you keep your body nourished

Mental Acuity

A healthy mind strengthens your body’s connectedness and enables healing

Enjoy Your Body’s Natural Ability to Defend Itself and Restore Balance

  • Increase your intake of nutrients with organic foods and juices
  • Full body detoxification utilizing the body’s innate drainage pathways
  • Strengthen your immune system at the cellular level
  • Greater appreciation for your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Reduced stress and inner calm

We provide our clients with the highest quality of care.

We dedicate our efforts to thoroughly educating you on environmental toxicity, stealth diseases, and the true nature of disease. At the same time, we share the knowledge about the underlying forces that drive the modern medical and pharmaceutical industry – the forces that also strive to discredit alternative therapies.

You Know Your Body Better Than Anyone


Insights and Tools for the Healing Journey

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Finding the Root Cause of Common Mood Disorders

Mood disorders and anxiety Why are so many of us anxious for no reason at all? Why do many of us feel as though we have lost the joy of life? Why do so many of us complain that prescription medications don’t work or bring us back to feeling like ourselves? Anxiety and depression are […]

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

The Secret Superfood No one is Talking About

By: Torie Borrelli at The Vida Well The Secret Superfood No one is Talking About: Did you guess it? Its organ meat! Looking back at my formative years, I think about the many memories (good and bad) that surrounded my family kitchen. Every night we’d come together to cook, eat and talk about our day. […]

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

T cell Memory May Protect Us From Covid-19 + How to Boost T cell Immunity

There is a common misconception concerning the novel coronavirus caused by SARS-COV-2. The media has sensationalized the news concerning Covid-19 but whats true and what is not? The virus has hit some people hard and they have been sick for months, while others test positive and barely have a sniffle. So what gives? Whats going […]

Monday, July 27th, 2020

Pubmed published article says Coronavirus possibly Caused by 5G, Now Retracted

Not sure, about you, but I was shocked to see this article in Pubmed, and NOT shocked to see it yanked a few days later when the internet made it viral. Was there any legitimacy, or is the whole article bunk? ABSTRACT: “In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by […]

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Are Chemicals Making Us Fat?

Pro-inflammatory chemicals Your body has the ability to heal you but if it is constantly fighting to keep you well, then the luxurious idea of losing weight is put on the back burner while your body just tries to keep you afloat. Here are just a few examples of the pro-inflammatory chemicals that we come […]

Friday, June 26th, 2020

The Genetic Basis of Trauma-How Fear Impacts Our DNA

Trauma, chemical signatures, and epigenetics Traumatic experiences can leave a “chemical signature” on your genes, which passes down to future generations. This is not by a genetic mutation. Rather, the trauma alters the expression of a gene by turning it on or off. This impacts the subsequent functioning protein that the gene codes. This is […]

Real Progress from Real People Inspiration from those going through it


“I came to Dr. Jess for recurring BV. I felt like something was literally taking over me. A few days before my first appointment I did receive confirmation of ureaplasma. So I started her Kill bind sweat protocol. After becoming stagnant and after further evaluation, Dr. Jess put me on a parasite cleanse. On day 3 my face acne almost disappeared. Back acne completely gone. By week two my dark circles under the eyes, gone. My complexion was more even. What's most amazing is Dr. Jess cares about finding the source. A permanent cure. I’m so grateful.”
Nikki P. San Diego, CA
“After years of bouncing from doctor to doctor and spending thousands of dollars on testing and supplements with no real improvement, after one session with Dr. Jess, she was able to immediately identify the root cause, which was mold. Not one medical professional, Western or functional, that I had seen ever mentioned it. Sure enough, I discovered mold in my home and did testing to discover mycotoxins in my body. After following Dr. Jess’s protocol, I started to feel better and see drastic improvements. She is one of the most compassionate medical practitioners I’ve ever met and by far one of the smartest. I feel lucky to have been able to become a patient and look forward to our follow-ups, which thankfully have become farther and farther apart as I’m healing. I credit her for finally putting me on the right path.  ”
Robin D Miami, FL
“Hi, my name is Mariam Refaat. I started seeing Dr. Jess a year ago, as well as my two daughters who started seeing her 3 months ago. We all suffer from a lot of chronic health issues like autoimmune disease, Lyme, mold and other health issues. There are truly no words that can describe Dr. Jess. She’s an angel sent from God to deliver His healing power and wipe away many tears and years of suffering from illnesses. She simply knows her stuff, she cares, she’s genuine and has the patient’s best interest at heart. Prior to seeing Dr. Jess, I had been treated by many doctors, but there was always a missing link of why I always hit a wall in my healing, that none of them could figure out. I can now say that I’m so much better and getting closer and closer to feeling like a normal and healthy person, not bed ridden seeing life passing by. Myself and my daughters are so blessed to have Dr. Jess in our lives and looking forward to getting better and better and healthier.  ”
Mariam R San Diego, CA
“Dear  Dr. Jessica Peatross “The Original”, Thank you so much for teaching me about Kill. Bind. Sweat and so much more. You have been one of my best friends on my health journey. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thank you for everything you are doing and for teaching me so much! With love,”
Martine V San Diego, CA
“I met Dr. Jess in December of 2018 and have had phone call appointments with her every few months since. After multiple western medicine doctors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists, I finally found Dr. Jess on Instagram and from the moment I saw the information that she so generously puts out on the internet for free, I knew I had to fly to San Diego to see her and I am SO glad I did. First, she is just so genuinely nice, and you can tell she wants to heal you and not make money off you. Second, I really appreciate how she tries to keep the number of supplements you are on to a minimum, it helps financially, as well as you know you aren't on supplements you don't need. I went to her for MS and SIBO and since working with her I am almost a year medication free for my MS and have had no relapses!! My SIBO is more stubborn but after doing more tests I have full confidence that Dr. Jess will help me get 100% better soon. She has also helped me find pieces of my health puzzle that other doctors have missed and when they would just put me on antibiotics or tell me that there was nothing they could do for me she was there to give me hope and that mindset is a vital part of healing as well and Dr. Jess understands the importance of making sure the mind and body are all supported.”
Stevie J San Diego, CA
“I had been dealing with Lyme, mold and many other issues for about 10 years and started following Dr. Jess on Instagram. I began to learn more about kill, bind, sweat and how lyme and mold play a huge roll in healing if you are not killing, binding and sweating every day. Last year, I began getting severe pain every month, ended up in the ER 3 times in one month and had severe fatigue. I had my first consult with Dr. Jess around this time and within 30 min of a 60 min consult she knew exactly what was going on. She told me my liver wasn't processing out estrogen and my adrenals were shot. Not once had any other doctor mentioned this (I was seeing two functional medical doctors at the time). I started on her protocol and I haven't experienced that pain since! Dr. Jess has the ability to see the body as a whole and piece symptoms together for an overall protocol that meets the needs of a particular individual. She truly is a god-send to the chronicle illness world and especially for those of us who have seen multiple doctors over many years. Thank you Dr. Jess for continuing to educate and help us with our healing!”
Tina A San Diego, CA


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